Parenting problems #67534

Billy has been walking for many months now (Well, 4) and he we’ve had him in his own bed for 1 month now.

The noises we hear now in the middle of the night are thud (Billy getting out of bed), bang! (Billy walking into his door) and Hia (that’s him standing right next our bed).

They are all as funny as the others and I recommend any of them instead of an alarm.


Small steps for him, huge ones for men kind

Billy's 3 1/2 sixe shoes

Billy’s 3 1/2 sixe shoes

Billy is now walking, not huge strides but enough to know he’s shifting about faster than ever!

It’s amazing and makes me have little choke up moments when I watch him stumble across the floor.

He reminds me of drunken nights walking home when I was at college (British college, not USA), I would walk for miles and to any onlookers in warm taxis, a right state!!!

We bought his first shoes last week, they are mint….blue (see pic).

Updating like a mo fo

I have been very slack at updating this blog! I blame life, Billy is teething and work is hectic with deadlines etc etc.

I have been experiencing some new activities recently.

1. I really enjoy picking up Billy from nursery, he makes any shit you’ve had in the day just disappear. THings click into place when you have a baby

2. Babies develop extremely quick. When my parents or aunties used to say “eee, you’re growing up fast” they really mean it.

3. There’s very few things that’s more important than family and friends, not to be soppy but having a son and my beautiful wife just feels right.

4. A crawling/moving child makes you risk assess any room…..quickly!! Maybe when they open new premises or run any risk assessment they should just chuck a baby in there and see what happens!!!

5. Trying to find cheap, easy days out on the weekend is now a must!


It’s all a big cover up!



The chat……

I like the chats about contraception that several people have had with us since R gave birth.

Midwife: “Have you thought about methods of contraception?”

“Yeah………..He screams for food every 2 hours”

Midwife: “It is something you should think about, women are more fertile after giving birth”

“I think as soon as Billy’s exit strategy has healed and both of us know what time of day it is again, we’ll shower and give it a go”

Midwife: “We usually suggest 6 weeks before trying to do anything”

Cut to several hours later at home

“The midwife said we should wait 6 months”